FMLogics™Software is an intuitive integrative medicine patient history analysis program, designed to help clinicians promote a higher standard of patient care while streamlining their practice.

The program was developed by clinicians for clinicians. FMLogics™Software is a product of Integrative Clinical Practice Tools, PC and was developed by integrative and functional medicine clinician, Dr. Ronald Grisanti, DC, MS, DABCO, DACBN, CFMP who holds over 35 years of clinical practice. Understanding how crucial a detailed patient history is for successful treatment outcomes, Dr. Grisanti realized the importance of this software tool in assisting today’s time constrained clinician.

FMLogics™Software makes the days of waiting for patients to complete intake forms in the office a thing of the past. FMLogics™Software obtains a comprehensive patient history and provides an analysis of that history in significantly less time than traditional information gathering. This analysis proves to be an indispensable tool to have when meeting with the patient for an initial consultation and exam.

Clinicians are discovering the value of having FMLogics™Software in today’s practice management. This affordable software program is quickly becoming a staple in practices throughout the health care industry.

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